standard-title Dr. William Speitel

Dr. William Speitel

Speitel_Bill_MDAs a lifelong sports enthusiast, I attended the University of Tennessee at Martin on a full wrestling scholarship. It was my love of sports, along with strong interest in science and health and a love of working with people; that ultimately led me in the direction of medical school. I graduated from medical school at the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences in Memphis, Tennessee. While in medical school I received a scholarship from the U.S. Navy and later completed a Medical Internship at Navy Regional Medical Center in Oakland, California. I served on the USS Camden as a Fleet Medical Officer and went onto to fulfill my military obligation as the Medical Director of Port Hueneme Naval Medical Clinic.

While serving as a Medical Officer in the U.S. Navy, I developed a strong interest in preventive medicine and sports medicine. I have always believed that family medicine and sports medicine are natural partners since both promote preventive medicine, good nutrition and physical fitness. When I am not practicing medicine, I enjoy almost all sports-tennis, running, biking, hiking and skiing. In fact, most of our family time together is spent pursuing sports activities.

For the past 3 decades I have been very fortunate to practice Family and Sports Medicine in Ventura, California.